The Company

We manufacture TBT Column formwork system offering the widest range of the market and a guaranteed by the DIT (Technical Approval) quality.


Is a subsidiary of a big holding led by fatecsa.
Manufactures, handles and markets the following products that are mainly related to elements of the construction sector:
  • Pillars formwork systems (TBT range): TBT CIRCULAR - TBT PRISMA - TBT FORMAS - TBT CLASSIC
  • Expanded Polyethylene products
  • Test pieces for concrete sampling
  • Safety systems (protective ferrules and embeddable cartridges for guard rails)
  • Dome closure sheets
  • L.H.L. sheet for flat concrete finishing
  • Steel framework dividers
  • Plastic cornices
  • Covers for dome closure
  • Drainage sheets
  • Sections, Gutters, etc.

Since 1978, fatecsa brand name appears associated with the know-how of an initially company owing family, which has evolved with the new technologies timing becoming a market leader in cardboard containers, packaging and tubing manufacture sectors thanks to the adaptation of our products to customer needs and the technical evolution of our company during the last years as well as the craft feature that have traditionally characterized the high quality finished products of fatecsa.
  • Industrial packaging
  • Cylindrical containers
  • Boxes
  • Protective pieces
  • Mandrel
  • Pillar formwork systems (TBT range)