TBT Prisma

TBT prisma provides the optimum answer to make square pillars with an unbeatable finish.


TBT prisma provides the optimum answer to make square pillars with an unbeatable finish.

Proven high quality
Based in an outer formwork similar to TBT CIRCULAR, inner pieces and a smooth sheet are added to make up TBT prisma.

A wide range
TBT PRISMA is made in 56 different square and rectangular sections that cover any size demanded by market. The range extends from 150x150 mm. to 600x200, all the way up to every single combination of 5 mm.
TBT PRISMA is made in those sections as well, becoming the most viable option to make party wall and expansion joint pillars.

Enterely waterproof
As a result of its manufacture process (thermosealed KAP strips), and for the composition of the materials used in forming the inner square section, TBT PRISMAis fully waterproof. These features let you store this material at the building site in the open air under the most extreme weather conditions.

Easy-opening system
A steel wire placed inside the TBT prisma, allows an easy, quick and safe stripping. The wire did not leave any mark at the concrete surface as it lays between inner and outer coating of TBT prisma

Easy stripping
The inner sheet of TBT PRISMA does not stick to concrete, considerably simplifying the work of stripping. Only one worker is needed to do the operation comfortably with few resources (knife, cutter etc.) TBT PRISMA lightness provides a further degree of safety in its use. Once stripped, TBT PRISMA can be used as a protective cover for the pillar, avoiding impacts, stains, etc.

Excellent results
Using TBT PRISMA excellent results for exposed concrete are obtained, although because of its ease of use it is equally suitable for making any square-section pillar. With no any added pieces (fillets), on stripping, the pillar has the four edges perfectly formed.TBT PRISMA is also made with live edges.